Taking Care of your Suede

ANNA LASCATA  Taking Care of your Suede

The colours of suede
The suede used is dyed after tanning to obtain the beautiful colour of our Anna Lascata clothes. Dark colours are likely to stain, especially black, dark navy and bright red. Normally, as dark colours often stain, you would wash your clothes separately, but you can not wash the suede as easily as other materials.

What we recommend you to do before use:
• Rub up your garment gently with an old towel or a piece of flannel in the right way of the suede. Repeat 2 or 3 times until your garment only stains slightly.
• Spray the suede with Collonil Vario Spray to make the suede water and dirt

Take care of your suede
Exposure to the sunlight affects the colour of suede. Do not leave your garment in the car exposed to the sun.

– Use a preferably wooden coat-hanger that keeps the garment in shape.
– Suede wants to breathe, do not use a plastic but a cotton bag to cover your garment.
– Perspiration can leave marks and can dry the suede.

Cleaning your suede
Anna Lascata has carefully selected the finest goat suede with a beautiful velvet structure. This structure can easily be damaged. Please make sure you use a soft brush and rub the suede gently. Never rub or brush the suede when wet!
Greasiness and make-up stains on collars, pockets and cuffs can be carefully cleaned with a soft brush or Leather Box from Collonil.

Leave the cleaning of your garment to the professional dry cleaner who is specialised in leather and suede. In case of a whole make sure you clean the pieces always together to avoid the inevitable colour difference. Please select your dry cleaner carefully to avoid any disappointments.