History Anna Lascata

ANNA LASCATA  History Anna Lascata

The brand name Anna Lascata was not established until later, but the collection was already on the market since 1999, introducing for the first time a limited collection in suede, including the classically tailored soldier, at the CLA Game Fair.

Different themes and colours were added to the heritage collection, to respond to the developments in the Dutch market.

Handbags were introduced to match the suede collection.

The balloon skirt in grey suede of the collection 2011.

The first suede collection, 5 pieces in total, was initially only sold in the UK. The collection was introduced in the Netherlands in 2001.




The collection was introduced under the new brand label Anna Lascata

Introduction of the shirt collection: stretch cotton shirts with frills, shirts with double cuffs and collar and elegant wrap shirts.

The introduction of the unlined cape that still is a statement piece in the collection

After a first introduction in 2013 in the Netherlands and Germany, the tweed autumn winter range was launched for first time in the UK.

Anna Lascata collection now contains a complete range of tweeds, suedes and cottons and is always striving to look for the harmony between nature and comfort, tradition and timeless elegance.

First summer collection Anna Lascata made from the finest linen and silk blend tweeds.